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  • I run a tabletop rpg known as pathfinder.
  • I paint warhammer
  • Anime: Current favorites are  Mushoku tensei
  • Games: Dead by daylight, league of legends, Enlisted, Rainbow six siege.
  • Mobile game: Girls frontline, Fate Grand order, Genshin impact, honkai impact.
  • Music: Pretty much anything, Currently listening to Demon dice, Coheed and cambria, Slipknot, Fallout boy, Korn, Mindless self indulgence. 
  • I'll fite you. And lose   and win.
  • My favorite number is 7 and 4. 
  • Favorite color is purple

Things i hate

  • Eggs.
  • horses.

Timezone: PST (Secondlife time) 

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