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Adjustments to the day night cycle

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Currently we have a 4 hour day/night cycle, 3 hours of which are day time and 1 hour is night time.

Not too long ago, SecondLife added the ability to adjust the length of the day-night cycle. We can have the sun rise and set whenever we want.

So I was thinking and I would like to put forward my ideas for some changes to the cycle and the reasoning behind them, do you think they are a good idea? What do you think the day cycle should be like? Let me know!

Thought process

My thought process is a bit of a jumble, this is in no particular order:-


It would be good if Seiiki had some form of night-life, and I don't think a single hour of night-time is really enough time to enjoy night life

Different things open at different times

When we have a town, Having all of the towns roleplay facilities 'open' 24/7 will end up giving ghost town feelings, as people tend to congregate in just a few places rather than spread out and thus most facilities would be empty.

Therefor I think that having different things open at different times would help keep the town feeling more lively with different things to do at different times, and the places that are open are more likely to be lively

Kokoro should be mostly day

We're primarily a school sim after all, and that anime OP 'start of day' time is probably the most anime school time there is, along with the rest of the school day, I think that a large amount of time should be dedicated to this

Roleplay goes slower than real life

Self explanatory, people roleplaying generally take longer times to carry out an action than someone doing it in RL, and often people want to roleplay things that are based on a time of day. Think festivals, Halloween etc.

My idea

I propose a 7 day long day cycle, where each RL day is a time of day, most of the week at Kokoro is day time, but Friday is our 'night' day where Kokoro's night life happens

I think it should be 7 days because it makes it predictable what Kokoro will look like on a given day, making it possible to plan day and night time events


Windlight Appearance



10am – 12am

Start of the week


12am – 2pm

As above


2pm – 4pm

As above


4pm – 6pm

A day that looks nice for after school activities/shopping, and also after school extra-curricular


6pm – 6am

A dedicated ‘night’ day

Faster day cycle during this time, to keep night time to just one day

Good day for night life, bars, clubs because people RL getting off work want to blow off steam.


6am – 8am

Nice ‘before school’ time, feels like morning, a nice time to visit the town, shop, hang out


8am – 10pm

Start of the school day, people have free time on Sunday so a good time for classes and morning activities etc

Do you like or dislike this? Let me know what you think!



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I personally really quite like this idea, I hadn't really thought about this kind of thing before. And honestly I'd try and give constructive criticism if possible but this sounds pretty ideal to me at least, it gives time for everything and not too much of it either. It keeps things in order and maintains focus on the primary theme and there's not too much down time for any activity, yet it's still enough to keep things interesting and fresh, it allows users to (as mentioned in the post) plan things out and look forward to casual hang out spots on Friday at night time, and then get back to usual events on the other days, very good scheduling in my opinion.

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