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  1. System stuff - Experience Requirement

    Further to my recent post about the new camera distance limit, I've added a system to ensure everyone on sim is in the Experience today to ensure the feature works.


    Teleporting new friends

    What happens if you teleport a friend to Kokoro who has never been before and is not in the Experience?

    There's a little bit of intelligence under the hood. Here's what will happen:-

    1. When they teleport in, the system will detect they are not in the Experience, and prompt them to go to the newbie area to join it.
    2. Once they join, instead of being sent to the spawn the system will send them back to where you teleported them to.

    Note, if your friend ignores the prompt, they will be teleported home after ~30s. They will have a link to the spawn where they can join the Experience. The system will teleport them back to you once they join.

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