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    Welcome to Kokoro!
  2. According to Spotify, this is the song I've listened the most during this decade. It's strange, because I don't think it's their best song, which could be something more like this or this or that. The latter mainly for the energic solo at the end.
  3. Yea! Been playing it since its beta testing. We should start playing something together! :3
  4. With some difficulty, I managed to get around the small issues I found. Games go fine, doing 77 fps which is quite ok. On screen though it's slower, but hey, it's nice to see that it works :3
  5. Like, it sends an IM for forum notifications? Is that even possible?
  6. What game did you try? Gaming and sl together may be a bit too much. I'll try it too later then :3
  7. rosa.millvale


    Hey Fujisaki-san! Nice to see you here 🙂
  8. Hey Beckay! Thank you~ See you around :3
  9. I'll join for sure! Generally always on from mobile, or from laptop after 18:00 (Central EU time, 9:00 SLT). May vary on weekends, when I slack at home I could stay on all day :3
  10. Thanks Rey 🙂 Hope to see you soon again in sl :3
  11. rosa.millvale

    Hi ^.^

    Hello everyone and nice to meet you~ I'm 美惠,or Rosa. Very happy to have found this delicious spot on sl, I'm really looking forward to meet you all. I'm often on mobile and I love to chat, so... Hit me up!
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