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  1. Heyo Rusty! See you around Kokoro! ✨
  2. Finally, an person of culture, a simmer. Sul sul! Welcome back Bunni! ✨💕
  3. Hiya Haida (heheh, hiya haida). Welcome to the forum! See you around fellow spooky doode~ 💀
  4. Heyo Seren! I'm AFK a lot too~see you around! ✨
  5. Welcome to the forum Alex! ✨
  6. Welcome to the forum Rosa! See you around the school~ 💕
  7. Hiyo Katarina! Nice to meet cha, hope to see you around! ✨
  8. Hi-Hi! See you around campus~ ✨💕
  9. Nice to meet cha! 💕Hope to see you around!
  10. Beautiful photography Mattward~ 🤩 Thank you for taking pictures, I have a couple too that Jonx and Taru and I took. ✨
  11. Take me, take me, take me! 😆 General Availability: Weekends between 4 AM and 12 PM SLT Weekdays between 12 PM to 2 PM SLT (may be subject to change if I have a lot of college work, etc.)
  12. Welcome back fellow neko! 💕
  13. Welp, We have achieved minimum member requirements! Thank you everyone for joining! I hope y'all enjoy my lil' occult club and I shall try my best! I will begin organizing the first event, and sorting out official Kokoro club stuff, I will update you all whenever progress is made! Doot doot-let's get spooky!
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