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  1. absolutely obscene (nice to meet you!)
  2. I think that'd be a great idea! Movie/anime nights are a nice way of getting the community to talk and have a good time together. It might also encourage non-regulars to visit, or even newbies!
  3. Welcome! Always happy to see more bunnies in Kokoro! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Have a great time!
  4. I assume it means in a roleplay sense. Most RP servers I've been in only have prerequisites for higher positions (e.g. teachers/police), so I personally didn't expect many, but I can see why you'd want being a student to be more meaningful. At the very least, I think reading and accepting the campus rules should be one of them. I was once in a server that had a quiz for all users that checked they understood the basics of RP (knowing what universe you're RP'ing in, understanding godmodding, grammar check, etc), so you could have people complete that to become a member as well, but it could be seen as too serious/harsh. As for what it means to be a student, I guess it means you're someone who is interested in learning new skills, self-development, helping each other and building friendships together as a community?
  5. Welcome, fellow newbie and pink bun! It was nice meeting you yesterday- hope to see you around again!
  6. Now you must acquire a taste for freeform jazz. I'm really into low-fi hip hop and Japanese City/80s pop at the moment, but I like bits and pieces of other genres. (I do love jazz, too!)
  7. Great to hear focus will be put towards the community as well (as much as I love the sim, too)! Even happier to hear about the Kuroo uniform support lololo Roadmap looks good so far- can't wait either!
  8. Thank you guys! I'm so happy you like them. ❤️
  9. I've been trying to get back into the groove of drawing stuff, so I decided to draw some of your avatars! I hope you all like them. I drew everyone I saw early this afternoon, so if you're not there, it's nothing personal! Left to right: Ai, Jinx, Ni, Taru, Twi, Becky Individual files
  10. Howdy, fellow bunny! Your sculpting skills are crazy good! I'm sure you'll find work if you can make stuff like that.
  11. I've been writing a bit lately, so I'm really looking forward to the classes and just RP'ing in general! I also can't wait to see the sim finished- Kokoro is already so pretty; it'll probably look amazing when it's all done. My favourite place is the fountain because I can pretend to be a fish in it.
  12. squidwardonachair


    Hi! I'm Squidwardonachair, or Matthew. Neon introduced me to this place and it seems like a nice place to hang around in! I'm a freelancing artist and epic gamer squid in their early 20s. My aspiration in life is to be the guy who wears the mascot costume. Preferably Squidward. I'm also very new to SL and incomprehensibly shy, so I'm sorry if I goof up or scream in terror if you try to talk to me.
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