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    Basic Modelling, Texturing and Scripting

  • Closed  ·  6 members

    Have you always dreamed of becoming an idol? Well now you can in the Kokoro Academy Dance Club!

  • Closed  ·  8 members

    We go into unsuspecting areas of the school... and decorate the hell out of them!

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    The K.C.C. is a mix of extra curricular activities or tasks that focus on keeping the school and students staying active and goal oriented! The club focuses on 1 - 2 activities per month (Once every two weeks) that can vary based on season, holiday, or majority vote.

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    Club in charge of research and list every kokoro anomaly and outside campus

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    This club hasn't provided a description.

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    Helping with Kokoro's affairs and activities, the student council is the place to be to get involved in Kokoro's overall development. We gauge the state of the school and find ways to improve things, plan events and help orient new students.

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