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  1. Sorry this is all the progress I did today, redid the uvs of the pants and shirt, did the button uvs as well, improved a bit the rigging between the legs, the arms need a lot of work and the buttons are breaking in half, so I have to fix that next. I got sick and translation works to do at once, so not much energy is being left to work on the gakuran at the end of the day.
  2. Here's today's progress on the male gakuran, marked some seams and gave some areas more definition
  3. Some rigging wark, not perfect, but it's going to get there eventually~
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    Click click click click click click click
  5. Today's progress wasn't much of a visual but, I did make the new buttons for the front of the shirt and wrists, did some rough rigging on the shirt and started planning the belt, tomorrow imma be modeling that.
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    Hallo halloooo~
  7. noice, good jerb captain~
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    Hallolo, people are pretty chill here, so no need to be shy around us. I hope you enjoy your stay~
  9. Got the pants topology done, some basic uvs done as well, next thing on the list is to make some buttons and a belt (possibly).
  10. Hello everyone, I made this section to present to you the progress on kokoro's male uniform~ Currently, I got the garment part done... Threw it in my sculpting program and got this out of it... ZBrush Movie.mpgZBrush Movie2.mpg Currently, I am working on the topological part of the model, the shirt has the topology done already But the pants still need to be done, that's what I am doing today.
  11. Normaly i am always studying stuff by myself, learning with a project and people with skills different than mine would be nice so count on me! I am usually available from 7:00am to 5:00pm SLT. My interests right now are improving my 3D modeling skills, i like to model random things but my specialization is human figure sculpting, i would like to practice more of clothing design and drawing as well as painting, so i think i am into visual arts in general. My long term goal is to be a good character design artist. Hope we can all learn cool stuff together!
  12. hiii welcome to kokoro!
  13. The more bunnies the better pyon! Welcome!
  14. The last shows i remember watching were the second temp of one punch man and dororo, ni saw a bit of baki too for some reason xD
  15. It depends a loot of how I am feeling, normaly ni listens to calm music like low roar wen working, sometimes some studio killers and other bands like it but from time to time ni just listens to meme remixes for the laughs xD
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