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  1. May i join the club? this sounds like so much fun, i love talking about true crime and horror~😍☺️ my time i'm on is around 6:00 A.M SLT all the way to 12:00 P.M SLT {i take brakes between i let you know if i have things to do during the times >3<}
  2. hellow there my name is Novaline K. Lovelace~ i am new here hope to get to know you all and have fun ^w^ i am very shy so if you see me not talking or moving much, don't worry i am not a stalker lol... normally i don't talk first but if you talk to me i am very nice but i don't take any kind of treatment. ^^ if you wanna know more about me i'd be happy to tell you and i would love to get to know you aswell~
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