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Ya like Jazz?


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Hey everyone!

I wanna know what type of music you all are into. I usually stick to my stuff but I wanna know what everyone's taste is. Might come in handy when the music room is up and running.
For myself its typically stuff from the 70s and 80s that I adore. The usual classics you'd think of associated to that time.

So let me know! I also have a lil portable music player, so maybe we can a jam to some tooons in the music room sometime 😄

Thanks for reading!


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For me I mostly lean towards grunge, indie/alternative rock, garage etc


There's also KPOP. And Backstreet boys. But then also sometimes new basic bitch music.

tbh I'm easy to please when it comes to music cuz most everything with a beat to me fucking slaps.

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My music tastes is pretty all over the place

got some weeby stuff:
Lots of Opening themes from animes

Electro Swing:

Whatever this is:  //  
Doja Cat > Cardi B > Nicki Minaj

And some Historical Japanese Rock (i guess?): 

I'll listen to just about anything but country

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